News from the team is that they have decided to call a halt for the day.They are all exhausted. They are having to cut their way through thick undergrowth and the river keeps disappearing and reappearing.

They are sometimes in the river but then have to take to the bank where the growth is 10/15 ft high.

The team will camp close to the river tonight and push on early tomorrow.

They have 5.2km to go!

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1100 BST

Latest from Sat phone

“Progress very slow. 1km/hr. 7kms to go. Excitement here – it looks like river may be much longer than even I thought!”

28 March

12.50 BST – more news from the Forest!

Just in from Sat phone

“11 kms to go. Very slow progress. We are wading in the river as the vegetation too dense in places. River 6ft wide now. Flow 6km/hour. Warm and sunny. Cold at night. 7860ft”

So near so tough

Noon BST:1300 Rwanda

News just received via the Sat phone indicates that the source will not be reached tomorrow but is more likely to be early on 30 March.

The going is getting very tough indeed and much time is being spent just making a clearing through the dense, lush Forest. The rainy season weather is making life easy either. A soggy and taxing trek.

It’s getting very close!

The latest report from Rwanda is that the team should reach the source of the Nile tomorrow.

Neil, Cam and Garth finally abandoned the three Zap Cats on the morning of the 26 March. As expected, and despite heavy rainfall in the past few days, they simply ran out of water in the river.

The team’s progress on foot has been nothing short of remarkable. They have now entered the Nyungwe National Park in South West Rwanda. Despite its name this is no walk in the park.

Nyungwe is a full blown mountain rain Forest, severely undulating, overgrown and, at the moment, very slippery underfoot. Rwanda’s impressive conservation laws dictate that the team now have to travel with guides from the Park and they are also travelling with a tracker. This Forest is home to a number of groups of both habituated and wild chimpanzees. These would be amazing to encounter on the way to the Source but only if prepared!

The team have also resorted to the use of a small number of porters to assist with the minimum of equipment they require to trek duing the day and camp over night.

Despite the terrain and the weather the team are now within striking distance of their goal, the precise pinpointing of the longest source of the longest river in the world.

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