The team’s satellite phone in Rwanda is red hot with press interviews from all over the world.

Cam McLeay and Garth MacIntyre took a breather to give their thoughts on the moment…

Cam – “Fortnum & Mason Hazelnut and Dark chocolate never tasted so good! The last few days have been very testing. It’s been hard work to get here but we’re quite chuffed!

The Rwandan guides were fantastic, they never gave up and they never questioned some testing decisions we made.

It’s very good”

Garth – “After all the trials, tribulations and tragedy we are all totally elated by today.

I am very tired and looking forward to a hot shower! It’s been a long odyssey but worth it”

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1035 BST

News update

Rwandan Government expresses delight at British/ New Zealand Expedition Achievement.

Director General of the Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks, Rosette Rugumba has confirmed her delight in the Ascend the Nile team’s achievements.

She confirmed that the Government can’t wait to mark the source. For now they will immediately erect a flag at the spot. This will be followed by an eco-friendly plaque.

She commented “The Expedition means so many things to Rwanda. We know what happened here twelve years ago but it is a true statement that the country is now safe when you have the whole Expedition travelling through it.

We changed history for the wrong reasons now we can change text books for the right reasons. Rwanda is such a small country and yet how exciting it is to have the longest source of the Nile within it.

This is just the beginning. The celebrations are going to go on and on”

0827 BST

Ascend the Nile is complete!


The team have reached the longest source of the longest river in the world

After travelling for 80 days, though five countries and a multitude of experiences a delighted Neil McGrigor, Cam McLeay and Garth MacIntyre have reached the source of the Nile.

For the past five days they have treked through the river and forest in pouring rain but they reached the source today in bright sunshine.

Minutes after Neil McGrigor arrived at the source he said “It’s an awesome achievement by the whole team. The planning and preparation has all paid off. My thanks go to everyone who has made this possible and especially the guides and local people who are with us now at the source.”

30 March

1900 BST

A low point without a doubt

“We’ve been wading up to our knees in marshy water today. It’s just hellish here” – Neil McGrigor reports.

He went on to say that the team reached a real low point yesterday. They had thought that Wednesday was bad enough but in fact it got worse. They have been clambering over rocks and through thick vegetation just to keep sight of the all important Nile. The river almost disappeared in some places and then reappeared as a strong flow.

Neil says spirits are now rising a little as they can almost “smell” the source.

1650 BST

So near and yet..

Neil McGrigor, Cam McLeay and Garth MacIntyre are just hours away from the source of the Nile but fading light has forced them to stop for the night.

They will resume at first light tomorrow.

1600 BST

Maybe not today – that’s the latest news from the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda.

Despite their best efforts and real desire to reach the source of the Nile it looks like the frustrating conditions in the Forest have held them up for yet another day.

The rains are still falling hard and even the experienced local guides are finding this trek tough.

With only a couple of kilometres to go it’s really becoming a severe test of the team’s stamina, will and patience.

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